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Elizabeth Crisp

Mum to Xavier 9mo

"Holly is the absolute best! We have now worked with three sleep consultants and they do say third time lucky for a reason. Holly helped us teach Xavier how to settle himself (with some gentle nurturing) and provided us with incredible support, dedication and genuine care throughout our time together. I recommend Holly to everyone I talk to about child sleep difficulties!"

Tom Deblaere

Dad to Kiera 14mo

"Our experience with Holly and her approach to sleep training was simply life changing for us and our baby girl Keira. Prior to the course we had to rock Keira for hours throughout the night and go into the room 4-5 times a night. After 4 days of the course Keira was sleeping 12 hours straight, no wakes for night feeds and having a 2 hour nap in the day. We highly recommend Holly and her program. She was a great communicator and source of support. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!"


Jackie Ollis 

Mum to Nash 4mo

"As a new mum on the brink of the four month sleep regression I was full of anxiety. My baby needed to be bounced, rocked, and held to sleep and held for all naps. And was only napping 45 minutes at a time. I was so nervous to start because our baby was so young but with Holly’s support we got through it and we’re all so much less anxious about nap and bedtimes. We saw changes in bub’s sleep from day two! He is able to put himself to sleep, naps like a dream and has just started sleeping through the night (never my goal but a happy side effect). Trust in the program and hold yourself to it because it works".

Emily Betreen

Mum to Ari 3.5yrs

Holly gave us an amazing, personalised program to follow with daily check-ins and support that assisted Mr. 3.5yo to go down to sleep on his own and stay in his bed ALL night. It only took 2 weeks of following the program and Holly's support to start achieving this result. Being consistent and persistent has paid off. The whole family is now getting a good nights sleep and we have our downtime back. He doesn't mind Dad putting him to bed now either! We have also noticed Mr 3.5yo's behaviour has also improved immensely. He is so much happier and he now really enjoys his sleep. AMAZING! Holly has changed our life and we would highly recommend her service to anyone.

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