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Holly Evans

Certified Sleep Consultant

Holly's Dreamers was founded after I

became passionate about my children’s sleep.

My Philosophy

It’s my personal belief a good night sleep is just as important for you and your child as a healthy diet and loving home. When people have a poor diet they become malnourished. When people are starved of sleep they become mentally malnourished, lacking energy and the power to keep alert and calm.

As parents we would never deprive our children of a well-balanced diet. We do everything we can to ensure our children get the nutrients they need to develop and thrive. So why would we not treat sleep in the same way? 

As a society we just accept that children are not good sleepers and hope ‘they grow out of it.’ When in fact, when our children are sleeping their little brains are rapidly developing and immune systems repairing.


Considering that, what could be more important than getting enough sleep? Sleep allows our children to learn and deal with the pressures of their day. Why wouldn’t we help our children to be the best little versions of themselves by teaching them great sleep skills.

The same goes for us as parents. Wanting sleep is NOT selfish. If we don’t get the deep sleep required for our bodies and mind we break down and get sick. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to feel healthy and rested?

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