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Travelling Tips

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Travelling, long weekends and school holidays are all tricky endeavors when you’re trying to keep young children on a schedule. There is always something exciting going on, friends or family that are excited to see the baby and they have no idea how hard you have worked to get your little one sleeping through the night.

As tempting as it may be to let baby skip a nap or to push bedtime out an hour or two, so that you can fit a few extra activities in your day, I highly recommend you resist the temptation and stick to the schedule as closely as possible.

  • Changes in the routine are the quickest way to end up with an overtired baby on your hands. Overtiredness will almost undoubtedly see a reemergence of those bad sleep habits you’ve all worked so hard to prevent.

  • In the event you need to share a room with your little person, try to create a partition in the room so that your baby can’t see you from their cot. Hang a blanket from a line across the room if necessary. Avoid bringing them into bed with you.

  • If baby is tired and cranky, you are going to have a lousy time. Sticking to the schedule and making sure baby is well rested will assure that the time you do spend with friends and family is happy, fun and relaxed.

  • ALWAYS bring along baby’s white noise, sleeping bag and lovey. Anything that smells familiar and reminds them of their home sleeping environment will help them get to sleep in their new surroundings.

  • STAY CONSISTENT with your usual routines and responses. This teaches baby no matter where you are the rules around sleep are still the same.

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