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Is your baby unsettled when you try and put them down for the night? Are nights on the couch with your partner watching your favourite TV show and enjoying a glass of wine a distant memory? Or are your child’s naps almost non-existent? Is it all getting too much? 


The good news is – we can help. Holly's Dreamers uses a gentle approach as your little one develops independent sleep skills. Together we will help your baby discover self-soothing strategies to get themselves off to sleep, benefiting everyone involved. You are right by your baby’s side during this process, and we are right by yours.    


A consistent good night sleep could be just around the corner for your family. Book your Free 15-minute Initial Consultation. 


I would never ask parents to leave their baby crying for a period they are uncomfortable with. I offer a few different solutions to try with your baby in which I’m confident we will find the right strategy for you and your family.

Hi there,

I’m Holly Evans, a Certified Sleep Consultant trained by Dana Obleman - the founder of Sleep Sense™. I’m a mum of two beautiful children Rory and Piper.

I personally hired a Sleep Sense consultant when Rory was 4 months old. Like many new parents, I had no idea how important it was to teach our littles one's good sleep skills. I spent many nights on my own holding my baby to sleep. Both Rory and I were exhausted and getting help was an absolute game-changer. Rory thrived developmentally and I felt like myself again. I’ve spent the last few years passionate about my children’s sleep and now strive to help other families like my own implement good skills and strategies to reach their sleep goals.

I work with children aged from birth – 8 years and have had great success across all age groups. I strongly believe sleep is as important as a healthy, nutritional diet and absolutely love to see families thrive once they start sleeping well. Once you fix the issue of sleepless nights, it’s amazing to see everything else click into place.


What does sleep 
consulting look  like with us?

We create each package according to your little one's sleeping needs - personalised sleeping plans are our specialty.

Sleep Pattern




Custom Sleep

Plan & Schedule

Home Visits & Night Support



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